Nov 27-28, 2001 NANC Meeting
Nov01 NOWG Report
Nov01 LNPA WG Report
Nov01 NANPA Report
Nov01 NAPM LLC Report
Nov01 NPA Relief Planning Report
Nov01 WNPO Report
Nov01 WNP Timeline
Nov01 New Timeline Narrative
Nov01 INC Report
Nov01 NANPA Survey Cover Letter
NANC 2001 NANPA Survey

Oct 16-17, 2001 NANC Meeting
Oct01 INC Report
Oct01 NANPA Report
Oct01 WNPO Report
Oct01 WNPO Attachment 1
Oct01 WNPO Attachment 2
Oct01 NOWG Report
Oct01 NANC Charter PN
Oct01 NANC Charter Renewal
Oct01 NANC Charter List
Oct01 LNPA Report
NANPA Evaluation Cover Letter

Sept 11-12, 2001 NANC Meeting
Jul01 Action Items
Sep00 Agenda
Sep01 WNPO Report
LNP CO Code Transfer Process
Sep01 INC Report
Sep01 LNPA WG Report
Sep01 LLC Report
Sep01 NANPA Report
Sep01 NPA Relief Planning Report

July 17-18, 2001 NANC Meeting
Jul01 Agenda
Jun01 Action Items
Jul01 555 Presentation
June 26, 2001 FG D PN (CICS PN 062601)
CIC Letter to NANPA (CICsltr.062601)
Jul01 NANPA Report
Jul01 LNPA Report
Jul01 NAPM Report
Jul01 NENO Report
Jul01 NRO Report
Jul01 WNPO Report
Jul01 Table of NANC Projects
INC LNPA Contribution
Jul01 555 Letter

June 18-19, 2001 NANC Meeting
May01 INC Report
May01 NBANC Filing
   Exhibit 1
   Exhibit 5
   Exhibit 6
   Filing Contents
WNP WG Report
May01 LNPA WG Report
Release 3.0 White Paper
Jun01 NPA Relief Planning Report
Jun01 NANPA Report
Jun01 NOWG Report (powerpoint file)
Jun01 NANPA Evaluation Report
NANPA 2000 Performance (zipped)
NANC Charter Presentation
FCC 95-283, sections from the FCC Order creating NANC
FCC NANC CFR, the FCC Rules for NANC
1997 FCC Public Notice and NANC Charter renewal
1999 FCC Public Notice and NANC Charter renewal
Jun01 NAPM Report
Jun01 NRO WG Report
Jun01 WPNO Report
Jun01 NENO Report
Jun01 LNPA WG Report
Jun01 INC Report

May 2001 NANC Meeting

April 17-18, 2001 NANC Meeting
Apr01 Agenda
Apr01 NOWG Report
Mar01 Actions Items
Apr01 Draft B&C Reqts. (Apr01 2nd Revised BC.doc)
Apr01 B&C Cover Letter (Apr01 Atwood-Hoffman BC doc)
Apr01 NANPA Report
Sprint Cont. on Principles
Apr01 CIC IMG Report
Apr01 LNPA WG Report
Apr01 WOT Report
Mar. 21 Letter
Unavailable Code Letter
Apr01 NENO Report
Apr01 Action Items
Apri01 NRO WG Report
CIC Transmittal Letter

Mar 20-21, 2001 NANC Meeting
Mar01 Agenda
Mar01 GL IMG Report
500 NRUF
Mar01 NOWG Report
Joint TF Contribution
BellSouth TF Contribution
Mar01 CIC IMG Report
Mar01 CIC Report Attachment
Mar01 Conservation Ad Hoc
Mar01 TF IMG Report
Mar01 LNPA Report
Mar01 WOT Report
Inadvertant Pooling
Mar01 TF Requirements
Mar01 TF Cover Letter
Mar01 Inc Report
Mar01 NANPA Report
Sprint TF Contribution
Mar01 NANPA Relief Report

Feb 22-23, 2001 NANC Meeting
Feb01 Agenda
Feb01 List Of Projects
Big Picture Contribution
Feb01 TFIMG Report
B+C Requirements
B+C Letter
Feb01 NANPA Report
Feb01 LNPA Report
Feb01 WNPS Report
Feb01 SMS-800 Report
Toll Free Admin Structure
Feb01 Action Items
Feb01 CIC IMG Report
Final NRUF Trans Letter
Final NRUF Reqts Doc

Jan 16-17, 2001 NANC Meeting
Jan01 WNPSC Report
Jan01 NROWG Report
Jan01 INC Report
Jan01 Action Items
Jan01 Agenda
NANC Procedures
Big Picture Matrix
NPA Summary
NRUF Req. Doc
Transmittal Letter
CTIA Report (CTIA Imminent Exhaust)
NJ Imminent Exhaust(PDF File)
Jan01 NOWG Report
Jan01 TFIMG Report
Jan01 NANPA Report
Jan01 NIIF Report
Discussion on NANP Exhaust


Cost Recovery Group
January 11, 2000 Mtg. Minutes
January 25, 2000 Mtg. Minutes

NANPA Oversight Working Group
Oct01 CO Code Survey Results
Oct01 CO Code Quality Report
Oct01 NPA Relief Planning Results
October 18, 2001 Minutes
October 29, 2001 Minutes
Nov01 PIP
Nov01 CA Performance Report
Nov01 RP Perfomance Report

NRO Working Group
July 2001 Report
Wireless Consortium Letter
Minutes - 5/30/01
May 31 Draft NANP Exhaust Assumptions
2001 NANP Exhaust Projection Draft with revision marks
Pooling Matix
Minutes - 4-11/01
May 9 Draft NANP Exhaust Assumptions

LNPA Working Group

NENO Working Group
NENO Documents

NANC Meeting Archives
Current Documents
1999 Meeting Archives Page
2000 Meeting Archives Page