November 30, 2006 NANC Meeting
2006 PA Survey Cover Letter
2006 PA Survey
2006 NANPA Survey Cover Letter
2006 NANPA Survey
Nov06 PA Report
Nov06 NANPA Report
Nov06 pANI Report
Nov06 FoN Report
Nov06 B&C Working Group Report
Nov06 INC Report
Nov06 LNPA Report
Nov06 LNPA Document
Prepared for the September 19, 2006 NANC Meeting (meeting was not held)
Sep06 PA Report
Sep06 NANPA Report
Sep06 INC Report
Sep06 LNPA WG Report
FCC pANI Letter – Sept. 8, 2006
FCC News – New NANC Chair
Documents Prepared for July 18, 2006
NANC Meeting (meeting was not held)
Jul06 BC WG Report
Jul06 FoN Report
Jul06 NOWG Report
July06 PA Report
Jul06 INC Report
Jul06 LNPA Report
Jul06 NANPA Report
Jun06 NANPA-PA 2006 Evaluation Cover Letter
Documents Prepared for May 16, 2006
NANC Meeting (meeting was not held)
May06 NOWG Report
May06 Preliminary PA Evaluation Report
May06 Preliminary NANPA Evaluation Report
May06 B&C Working Group Report
May06 B&C Agent Report
May06 PA Report
May06 FoN Report
May06 INC Report
Mar06 NANPA Report
May06 LNPA Report
March 14, 2006 NANC Meeting
Mar06 Action Items
Mar06 LNPA WG Report
Mar06 NANPA Report
Mar06 PA Report
Mar06 B&C Working Group Report
Mar06 INC Report
Mar06 B&C Agent Report
Mar06 NAPM LLC Report
Mar06 NOWG Report
January 24, 2006 NANC Meeting
Jan06 NANC Action Items
Jan06 NOWG Report
Jan06 ITU SG2 Report
Jan06 VRS Presentation
Jan06 LNPA WG Report
Jan06 B&C Agent Report
Jan06 Cover Letter - Contract for Permanent pANI Admin
Jan06 pANI Administration Guidelines (Revised)
Jan06 Cover Letter - Evidence of Authorization
Jan06 Evidence of Authorization Document
Jan06 Cover Letter - Hurricane Impact Report
Jan06 Hurricane Impact Report
Jan06 NAPM Report
2005 NANPA Survey
2005 NANPA Survey Cover Letter
2005 PA Survey
2005 PA Survey Cover Letter
November 16, 2006 Meeting Minutes
November 9, 2006 Meeting Minutes
November 1, 2006 Meeting Minutes
NANC Recommendation on Permanent pANI Administration
November 2, 2006 Letter - ESQK Interim Administration System Release
October 23, 2006 Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2006 NANC Letter - pANI Timeline
October 5, 2006 Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2006 Meeting Minutes
September 19, 2006 Meeting Minutes
Sept. 8, 2006 FCC Letter on pANI Administration
March 8, 2006 pANI IMG Agenda
September 19, 2006 pANI Agenda
Interim pANI Guidelines Transmittal Letter
Interim pANI Guidelines
Final Draft - Permanent pANI Guidelines
Future of Numbering
December 13, 2006 Meeting Notes
AFTA FoN Topics
AFTA Proposal for Study Topics
November 8, 2006 Meeting Notes
AFTA - Open Market for Numbers Contribution
October 25, 2006 Meeting Notes
October 4, 2006 Meeting Notes
September 15, 2006 Meeting Notes
August 31, 2006 Meeting Notes
Telcordia IMS Presentation - Concepts
Telcordia IMS Presentation - Expectations and Challenges
1-800-AFTA - Social Networking Site Stats
August 10, 2006 Meeting Notes
July 27, 2006 Meeting Notes
July 17, 2006 Meeting Notes
July 7, 2006 Meeting Notes
June 13, 2006 Meeting Notes
June 28, 2006 Meeting Notes
FoN Meeting Schedule Template
CEPT Future of Numbering
UK OFCOM Future Numbering
May 24, 2006 Meeting Notes
Telcordia Rate Center Contribution
INC Correspondence CS 120
1-800 AFTA – Proposal of Study Topics
May 3, 2006 Meeting Notes
Process for Rate Center Consolidation
April 20, 2006 Meeting Notes
Impact of Geography on Numbering Policy Decisions
Rate Center Consolidation Information - Qwest Contribution
Concerns Regarding Numbers and Telematics Contribuition
NARUC Resolution for IP-enabled services
CoChair FoN Contribution 042006
INC Uniform Dialing Plan - 970131171
Study Group 2 - Future of Numbering
Numbering Oversight Working Group
October 24, 2006 NANPA-NOWG Meeting Notes
August 31, 2006 PA-NOWG Meeting Notes
August 16, 2006 NOWG Meeting Notes
August 16, 2006 NANPA-NOWG Meeting Notes
May 17, 2006 NANPA-NOWG Meeting Notes
February 23, 2006 PA-NOWG Meeting Notes
February 16, 2006 NANPA-NOWG Meeting Notes
January 18, 2006 NOWG Meeting Notes
January 18, 2006 NANPA-NOWG Meeting Notes
B&C Working Group
December 12, 2006 Meeting Notes
November 21, 2006 Meeting Notes
September 12, 2006 Meeting Notes
July 11, 2006 Meeting Notes
May 30, 2006 Meeting Notes
May 10, 2006 Meeting Notes
April 11, 2006 Meeting Notes
February 22, 2006 Meeting Notes
February 15, 2006 Meeting Notes
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